Slovak MiG-29 Engine fire

I acquired several interesting pictures depicting the Slovak Air Force MiG-29 photographed after its engine fault and fire. All happened on the ground (runway) so the pilot can escape to safety. The fire was extinguished but caused extensive damage. All this happened circa 10 years ago – in spite of this I have no permission to tell the whole story… so NO further facts, names, faces, numbers or details can be published here. And yes, the photo quality is not the best. Several interesting construction details for us (modellers) can be seen though.

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2 Responses to Slovak MiG-29 Engine fire

  1. Gaston says:

    I just want add a comment to the presented pictures. Pictures No. 7, 8, 9 & 10 (nose wheel well No. 1 to 4) aren´t definitely pictures of the MiG-29. If you can see details of the parts, it´s written by English, pipes marking is typical for US aircraft.

    • Meres says:

      Thank you for your comment Gaston. And yes, you are right. These four shots were somehow mistakenly mixed with the rest of MiG-29 photographs – mixed by me or by my friend who gave me all the info… who knows? As I looked closer now, depicted wheel well has two doors and many other details which differ from Mig-29 ones. I am very glad you had noticed it and wrote your comment here Gaston. I removed those pictures immediately – not to mystify the blog visitors… many thanks again!

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