Saab J-35 Draken, walkaround Pt. I.

I visited the Army Institute and its Arsenal museum in Vienna – HGM (Heeresgeschichtliches Museum) last year. Despite the awful weather I made several pictures of two wonderful Swedish birds – the Saab 29 Tunnan (see my older post here) and Saab J-35 Draken (Pls. note, that Draken means Dragon in English language). I placed several pictures documenting this elegant bird here – more detailed photographs depicting the undercarriage, Ram Air Turbine and various surface details will be published the next time.

Saab J 35 Draken, nose

The canopy, air intakes and nose of the Austrian Draken.

Take note of very thin edges of the air intakes – made of the translucent material:

Here you can see the RAT (Ram Air Turbine) below its opened hatch. It is positioned between the drop tanks and the front undercarriage:

Do not overlook the angled drop tank pods and the shape of  the gun muzzle area (upper/lower image):

Saab J 35 Draken, drop tanks, wing gun muzzle

Do not overlook the the stenciling (darker) base color:

Take note of the rear portion of the drop tanks and the wing blunt trailing edges:

Here is the middle portion of Draken:

The “Imprisoned” dragon – from behind. I had to climb the museum facade to make this shot… therefore I posted Hi-res shot here:

 The hinges of  lowered control surfaces can be clearly seen here:

The rear part of the Draken with several interesting details: the auxiliary rear undercarriage, the (four) air brakes, tail auxiliary air inlets, the wing structure with lightening holes, the small navigation lights on the trailing edges (one on each side) …

Here you can find another interesting (not only Draken) walkarounds. By the way: You can see the inside of the HGM (museum) by taking part in the virtual survey if you wish. It pays off I think – it is nicely done!

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Images & Text Copyright © by Marcel Meres.

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