Sukhoi Su-25 in our “kitchen” (Kuchyna Air Base, Slovakia) Pt. IV. Undercarriage

In this part of my article regarding the Slovak Su-25 at Kuchyna Air Base I am adding several photographs of the undercarriage and particularly the main undercarriage wells. You can also find the shots of open hatches in the lower part of the engine nacelles in more detail.

The main undercarriage on the right side of the airplane is visible here:

Su-25 Main Wheel Right

Please note the amount of various color stencils on the upper wheel well cover:

Su-25 Main Wheel Right 4

Details of the right main undercarriage well (The shape complexity and non-equal colouring of the well surfaces is noteworthy.):

Su-25 Main Wheel Right 3

Su-25 Main Wheel Right 2

Su-25 Main Wheel Right 1

Here we have the main undercarriage left side:

Su-25 Main Wheel Left 1

Details of the left main undercarriage well – looking towards its rear section with undercarriage mounting:

Su-25 Main Wheel Left 2

Next view is toward the front wall of the same (left) undercarriage well:

Su-25 Main Wheel Left 3

And this is the inner side of the left wheel:

Su-25 Main Wheel

The rear portion of the engine nacelle on the right side. Note its interesting surface – pronounced riveting is well visible here. Also do not overlook the wing moving surface actuator and the way how the drop-tank stabilizers are attached:

Su-25 Engine Compartment Right 2

Here we have closer looks onto the opened hatches in the lower engine nacelles (the right-hand side first, then the left-hand side one):

Su-25 Engine Compartment Right 1

Do not overlook the welding seams on the drop-tank below:

Su-25 Engine Compartment Left

Here is the shot of the front undercarriage. To see the air vents in the gun compartment door (just next of the undercarriage)  from inside – please visit the part: Sukhoi Su-25 in our “kitchen” (Kuchyna Air Base, Slovakia) Pt. I.

Su-25 Nose Wheel

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Images & Text Copyright © by Marcel Meres

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