Sukhoi Su-25 in our “kitchen” (Kuchyna Air Base, Slovakia) Pt. I.

In 2001, I had a rare opportunity to visit the Kuchyna Air Base (Pls. note, that Kuchyna means “kitchen” in Slovak language) and photograph Slovak Air Force Sukhoi Su-25 airplanes. This photographing was managed and organized by my good friend, modeller and also the Wardell Memorial founder, Mr. Jozef Frastia. There are no Sukhois in Slovak Air Force today. But they remain in pilots’ hearts, our memories, and maybe some built-up kits in modellers’ show-cases. Seeing that a newcomer, a brand new Su-25 kit, moreover in 1/32 Scale is emerging, I jumped into my home photo archives. I had picked up my old shots and started to scan and publish them immediately. Or better to say, a part of them. I will post the rest later, of course.

Here you can find the basic information concerning Su-25 history, development and design. More info and photographs – camouflages plus walkarounds can be find here. Very interesting is the Russian Navy camo, I think. But let’s go back to Kuchyna Air Base – to remember the year 2001 and Sukhois in our Slovak Air Force colours (it is a lot of nostalgia by now):

Here you can see the colorful Su-25 # 8074, its left and right side:

Su-25 8074 Left

Su-25 8074 Right

Nicely weathered  Su-25 # 8075, right side. Note the camouflage colors fading grade:


Do not overlook the stabilization surface on the drop tank tip – especially its thickness and angle. Very interesting detail is the pilot’s retractable ladder, I think. Also note the side breathers on the gun compartment cover (lower left):


The canopy inner structure  is well visible from this view. Do not miss the shape of the brace rod holding the canopy in opened position:

Su-25 8074 Nose details

Here is the canopy inner structure in closer view and the periscope – a small rectangle in the canopy framing top cross-beam. Also note the locking mechanism, a handle and the way how the wing pylons are camouflaged…

Su-25, Slovak AF, Canopy structure

You can see the detail of the gun muzzle, from two different angles:

Su-25, Slovak AF, Gun, Muzzle

Su-25, Slovak AF, Gun, Muzzle, Gun 2

Here is he twin-gun mounting and the breather openings in the gun bay door – on the bottom surface of the airplane’s fuselage. The breathers look differently when looking from outside – to see more pls. visit this Post.

Su-25, Slovak AF, Gun, Muzzle, Gun 3

Su-25, Slovak AF, Gun, Muzzle, Gun 4

Note: The camouflage colors are considerably shifted within previous 4 photographs – I lightened them in order for the inner details in the shadow to be seen better.

This is the right-hand wing with its surface structure, lapping and riveting to be clearly seen:

Su-25, Slovak AF, Right wing, wing tip

The left-hand wing: 

Su-25, Slovak AF, Left wing

The section where the wings are attached to the fuselage can be seen here with a”positive steam-locomotive riveting” . The camouflage colors of  # 8075 bird were really deeply faded by the sun – compare  to the fresh blue colored boilersuit in upper right corner:

Su-25, Slovak AF, Right wing, root

We can stay “on the roof” for a while… this is the portion just behind the cockpit – visible is for instance an opened avionics bay,  shape of the doors – their inner surfaces, rear view mirror on the canopy frame… the interior color can be described as “dirtily” yellowish green (it is slightly shifted on my photograph). The color is much more realistically depicted in this Post. The color which can be seen on the wheel well sidewalls or the servicing doors is much closer to green.

Opened bay, roof Su-25

Another shot into the same bay – slightly lightened – in order to see what is in the shadow area:

Opened bay, roof part, Su-25, Slovak AF

Both parts of the avionics bay captured more vertically – so we can see the floor:

Su-25, Opened avionics bay, roof, part 2

Su-25, Opened avionics bay, roof, part 1

I have got yet another useful shots for us modellers – several interesting undercarriage details, open engine lower compartment, nose avionics bay, cockpit details ad so on. I will publish it continuously.

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Images & Text Copyright © by Marcel Meres

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