Saab J-35 Draken details Pt. III.

This post clears up where the Draken main undercarriage RBF (Remove Before Flight) stripes end. You will find both main strut close-up photographs here – high quality shots I received from my modeller friend Juraj Bojkovsky (many thanks Juraj!).


The left (port) side leg.

The RBF strip (fig. 1) is, surprisingly, yellow and black coloured (not red as one would suppose).
It is attached to the plastic-coated chain (fig. 2) and the blocking lock (fig. 3) – picture below:


The lock (in yellow colour) is placed between the undercarriage main strut and the inner wall of the wheel well. It blocks the strut actuator and thus the whole leg – so the undercarriage cannot be retracted (while the lock is in place). I suppose the lock is not a single piece, but consists of at least two interlocked pieces.


The upper shot was photographed slightly from behind the strut. The lower one was photographed slightly from the front of it.


The lock was relatively hard to shoot because of its position. I tried to imagine how it can be mounted in place. Please note its complexity too… frankly I admire the maintenance personnel – who must be able to mount and unmount them quickly – for their skill!

Here are two shots photographed even more closer toward the upmost end of the strut (pls. note the mechanism linked with its end):


You can see the front portion of the lock here (upper image).


The rear portion of the same lock (upper image) is blocking the rod which is protruding from it.

The right (starboard) side leg.

Both main undercarriage locks seem to be identical – and mirrored of course. But more photographs means better notion how it looks like – so here you are:


RBF strip, plastic-coated chain and blocking lock as on the opposite gear (picture above).


Rear portion of the lock (upper image).

The following picture is showing the same area but looking more upwards:



Please note: More details showing the main undercarriage can be found here. And safety blocking bars of the front undercarriage can be found here.)

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Images Copyright © 2012 by Juraj Bojkovsky.
Text Copyright © 2012 by Marcel Meres.

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