Sukhoi Su-25 in our “kitchen” (Kuchyna Air Base, Slovakia) Pt. II. Cockpit Details

This is the follow-up of my photographs depicting Slovak Sukhoi Su-25 birds of Kuchyna Air Force Base. I have scanned the most interesting cockpit shots. Technically, these photographs are not very good, because of mimimal space in which I had to photograph (in the cockpit) and very strong sunshine too. I hope this is not an issue for modellers though… I would like to  thank to  Mr. Jozef Frastia, my good friend, who made some of these shots – sitting inside the cockpit (you can find his camouflaged trousers). Note:
I placed high-res photographs here, so you can magnify them two times – by double clicking.

The Main instrument panel is “catching” false colors from its surroundings. It was light blue-gray in real.

Here is the cut-out:

Su-25 Cockpit Main instrument panel 1

On the left, there is a small instrument panel attached to the canopy framing:

Su-25 Cockpit front left

I have found a lot of reference pictures showing the main instrument panel with the gun-sight above. It is harder to find any pictures showing the area in front of the sight. Here you can see the mentioned area:

Su-25 Cockpit front window

And one more detail:

Su-25 Cockpit demist

The cockpit left side:

Su-25 Cockpit Left side

Note the steel control cables running alongside the cockpit wall. They are redirected on the rear cockpit wall by several rollers (see the photo at my article ending).

Su-25 Cockpit Left console

I managed to shoot the cockpit floor only once, and only a small part of it. I tried mainly for colors.  Also note the rudder pedal:

Su-25 Cockpit floor

This is the cockpit right side:

Su-25 Cockpit Right side

Su-25 Cockpit Right console

The rear cockpit wall  (or the part not hidden by the pilots seat) can be seen on the following photographs:


The mentioned control cables are well visible here (upper right). The cables are directed and holded  by rollers. The sections of the pilot’s ejector seat with various details are well visible too.

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Images & Text Copyright © by Marcel Meres

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  1. Ruzicka Peter says:

    Ahoj Marcel
    Chcem sa Ta opytat, ci nahodou nemas este nejake fotky slovenskych Su-25 okrem tych ktore si tu unverejnil?

  2. inge says:

    awesome details

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