Sukhoi Su-25 in our “kitchen” (Kuchyna Air Base, Slovakia) Pt. III. Nose Avionics

In this (third) part of my Slovak Su-25 photo documentation I went only a short step forward. I have inserted four photographs showing the avionics compartment situated in the airplane’s nose.
Note: I placed high-res photographs here, so you can magnify them two times – by double clicking.

The right-hand side of the plane can be seen in the first two shots – the same avionics bay photographed from two different places.

Su-25 Avionics Nose Left

This is the avionics bay on the left side of the same Su-25 nose section. The photos are partly complementing each other, you can orientate by the bay mid cross wall. Both photographs are placed so that the avionics bay floors are alligned.

Note the color used at the inner surfaces of the bay doors. Compare this color to that of  the inside of the avionics bay (omitting the instruments). The inside bay surfaces plus the racks color can be described like “dirtily” yellowish green. (similar to the walls inside the spine avionics bay – just behind the cockpit, see part: Sukhoi Su-25 in our “kitchen” (Kuchyna Air Base, Slovakia) Pt. I.).

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