Bell UH-1B Interior

According to the main instrument panel placard, the following photos depict an AB204B helicopter – in other words, the famous Bell UH-1B. These shots were posted for all of you who need to know more about its interior. The helicopter was photographed at the BRUMOWSKI Air Base, Austria. All the shots were taken by my modeler friend Juraj Bojkovský (thanks so much for sharing!).

UH-1B Main Instrument panel, central view

1/ Controls

Let us begin with the front area of the helicopter cockpit. I hope you do not mind the two brave boy pilots sitting inside the copter 😀

Bell UH-1B helicopter, Main instrument panel

This is the main instrument panel as shown from behind the front seats (picture above). The asymmetry in the placement of the panel is well depicted here. The panel is placed closer to the pilots seat on the right-hand (starboard) side.

Now the same panel in closer view:

Bell UH-1B Main Instrument panel plus Central console view

Please do not miss the pilots collective lever too (lower right portion of picture above). Its brownish part is the throttle lever.

UH-1B Main Instrument panel, Left portion

Now the camera moved slightly to the left (picture above) and to the right (picture below).  As the “pilot” started to eat we are able to see the grip of his cyclic pitch stick for a moment too (picture below).

UH-1B Main Instrument panel, Right portion

The camera is looking more upwards now…

UH-1B Upper Console

We can see the overhead console here (upper and lower pictures).

UH-1B Upper Console, whole

Our Mr. photographer also made two side views of this area to give us a more plastic view.

UH-1B Instruments, side view

This one was shot through the pilots door – the camera is looking downwards (picture above). The whole centre console is well visible here.

And now the camera is looking from the same place upwards (picture below). Please note: Both small roof windows were tinted light blue – not green, as I expected.

Bell UH-1B cockpit, side view, ceiling

Following pictures are focused mainly at the helicopter control levers and pedals.

UH-1B controls, collective lever

Nice shot of the Collective pitch stick – to the left of the co-pilot (picture above) and his Cyclic control stick (picture below). The red T-shape lever on the left should be the emergency door-jettison lever. The left-hand (port side) door was absent as can be seen. More components of the copter were absent by the way, for this was a retired bird serving as a teaching aid.

UH-1B Control stick

One more shot showing us both sticks from a different angle (picture above) plus the Tail rotor control pedals.

UH-1B Control Stick, co-pilot

Closer view at the Cyclic stick grip. Please do not miss the side detail of the upper end of the pilot Collective lever too. We can see it near the right edge of the picture above.

Now let us look on the other side of the copter, visiting the (still eating) boy pilot. His stick and  pedals are well visible here (lower picture).

UH-1B Control Stick, Pilot

And a much closer view – please note the embossed Augusta/Bell letters at the pedal surface:

Bell UH-1B, Control Pedals, Pilot

2/ Front Seats

The photographer tried to cover both front seats. They were occupied all the time though – not an easy mission at all…

Bell UH-1B Seat, Pilot

You can see a side view of the pilot seat (picture above) and the co-pilot seat (picture below).

Bell UH-1B Seat, Co-Pilot

And here you can see those seats photographed through the rear slide door opening.

Bell UH-1B, Front Seats

Another nice shot of the co-pilot seat from behind (as seen below):

Bell UH-1B, Front Seat, detail

The red bottles attached to the inner sides of the seats are the fire extinguishers.

3/ Other Details

Bell UH-1B Cocpit, rear portion

This is the rear portion of the UH-1B cockpit photographed through the left-hand (port) side front door (picture above). Please note the rear (partially opened) slide door. The rear row of seats was not installed. The rear wall can be seen partially dismantled.

Bell UH-1B, Pilot door

This is the pilot door inner side – shown opened here. Note: No good modeler should miss the small handle placed near the triangular window upper end 😀

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My special thanks to Juraj Bojkovský who offered me all the photographs published above.

For more reference pictures please visit the References Category within this blog.

Images Copyright © 2016 by Juraj Bojkovský.
Text Copyright © 2016 by Marcel Meres.

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